Warranty Terms

1. The limited warranty on products is applicable from the date of purchase strictly against the Invoice raised by our authorised dealer.

2. The customer must produce the GST paid invoice/ & warranty card in original to avail limited warranty services as prescribed by manufacturer or Brilliant Sanitaryware Pvt Ltd.

3. The company is not liable for any damage out of faulty installation or poor workmanship by local plumber resulting in not desires results or any damage to product while fixing it inappropriately.

4. The warranty becomes null and void if installation is not done by qualified and experienced technician/ plumber and/or as per the installation procedure laid down by the company.

5. The company is also not liable to pay or compensate for any civil or construction work ie Tiling, flooring, wall coverings, any other related interior works, occurred due to poor workmanship, or installation of our products or /repair of old products.

6. The company is not liable for any consequential expenses or damages whatsoever occuring on one sided decision taken by buyers/ customers etc etc by not involving Co customer care services.

7. The company is not responsible for defects or damages arising from transportation, improper installation, alteration, accidents, misuse or lack of proper maintenance and any other reasons which should not cover any occurance of Force'majure ie natural calamities, act of God etc.

8.The customer has to pay proportionate amount on the current MRP, given the product is within the aforementioned warranty terms and found to be genuinely damaged in circumference of policies framed by manufacturer, also endorsed by Co authorised technical employee.

9. If the manufacturing defect is seen within the first month of laying or fixing, should be brought in the notice of Co immediately. In case the manufacturing defect is seen after the first year of purchase & before the warranty period expires, the customer has to pay the company on proportionate differential value basis on current MRP for new replacement. Product: Ceramic Sanitaryware (Warranty: 5 years for residential installation​ & 1 year for commercial installation.

10- Also please refer to installation manual as prescribed by manufacturer to stand warranty of the Sanitaryware products. Please install WC by fixing it properly with the help of screws in the floor. Also ensure that no cement application is done at the bottom of WC which may result in cracking of Sanitaryware as cement expands and dries fastly, making Sanitaryware vulnerable. Hence no warranty shall be applicable on such odd laying wrong procedures, making the warranty null and void.

11 - No Harsh Chemical to be applied to clean the ceramic Sanitaryware, neither hard scrubs, sand paper, glass wool to be used for cleaning the Sanitaryware, which may damage the glossy sheen of ceramic Sanitaryware forever.